We believe all patients deserve the best care regardless of diagnosis, age or insurance. HRS of Nebraska exists to provide the hospitals, caregivers and patients with a one call hi-tech home healthcare solution.

Supported by quality-control initiatives, we insure superior patient care and healthcare provider satisfaction. HRS of Nebraska strives to protect the hospital image and decrease hospital costs.

High-tech Home Healthcare Agency serving the Nursing and Therapy needs of the Omaha and Lincoln metro areas. Licensed by Nebraska DHHS Division of Public Health and accredited by Community Health Accreditation Partners (CHAP).



The goal of our company is to define and prove a higher standard of care through data and outcome management. Every patient, caregiver, employee and referral source should have the right to review data on how well a service company performs. HRS of Nebraska runs outcome analysis reports weekly and combines them with satisfaction surveys from our patients and employees.

We educate our clinical team regularly on disease state management so that a patient can work toward recovering in his or her home.  With today's technology, HRS of Nebraska can review digital trends to determine if a patient or group of patients are getting better through the care they are receiving.  Providing a higher standard of care involves understanding patients' history of care, transition of care and ongoing trends of care.  Technology combined with human touch will bring a better solution and value to home health care.

Insurance we accept

  • Medicare Part A
  • WellCare
  • Nebraska Total Care
  • United Healthcare Medicaid

Hours of Operation

Office Hours: 9:00AM to 5:00 PM - Monday to Friday
Call: 402-999-6297
Fax: 402-769-2384
Email: Kmalm@healthrs.net

900 S 74th Plaza Unit 303, Omaha, NE 68114

Areas we serve

Omaha and Lincoln metro areas

The Vision Framework

The framework for our vision consists of three parts; the Core Values & Beliefs, Purpose and Mission. Together, they help guide HRS both in its day-today operations as well as its long-term strategy for success.

Core Values & Beliefs

The Core Values & Beliefs is a system of guiding principles and talents. They serve as philosophy of business and life. Those core values and beliefs are an extension of the leaders of organization and rarely, if ever, change.


The Purpose is the fundamental reason for the existence of HRS. It grows out of the core values and acts as a guiding star. It's always worked towards but is never attained. The Purpose will guide HRS for 100 years as it rarely, if ever changes.


The Mission is a bold and compelling goal. It has a clear finish line and a specific time-frame. Once completed, a new mission is set. There are four types of missions; Targeting, Common Enemy, Role Model, and International Transformation.

Our Vision

Health Resource Solutions is a humanistic company. We have a strong concern and commitment for human welfare, dignity, and life as demonstrated by our dedication to:

  • Operate by the highest standards of integrity and ethics.
  • Achieve quality outcomes and excellence.
  • Measure and increase the value we provide to all we serve.
    Improve healthcare through leadership, innovation, and compassion.


We change lives by providing the best value in healthcare from whom we serve.